International medicine center

Distinguished Club for Supreme Health and Wellness—International Medical Center of the PLAGH

  With the mission of providing VIP health care services for its distinguished clients in a brand-new membership model, the International Medical Center (the IMC) was set up based upon the PLAGH's rich medical and health care experiences and first-class practitioners and facilities. Located in a separate 7-storey building, the IMC occupies over 20,000 square meters with 88 beds and various specialties for outpatient services.

Holistic and Scientific Health Management Services

  Individualized health exam and healthcare programs are provided by high-quality specialists.

Health Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment, Rehabilitation and Health Assessment

  Comprehensive health assessments and individualized advice for correcting unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors help to reduce risks of diseases and comfort clients.

Health Exam For Disease Prevention

  Evidence-based health screening, sub-health assessment and early-diagnosis programs for the benefit of members well meet expectations of clients for disease prevention.

Advanced Holistic Assessment System

  Systems for assessing metabolic status, functional, emotional and spiritual states through advanced test equipments by skilled specialists assure trustworthy health evaluation for clients.   

Diagnosis and Treatment

   Experts of the PLAGH have provided efficient and high-quality health services.

Private Patient Care

Express Plans for Targeted Disease Treatment

  Clients will experience a truly one-stop preventive health care with its private out-patient service, health exam and member’s room.

  If needed, the IMC will arrange priority specialist consultation and treatment for its members at the PLAGH.

Medical Service Guide

  An all-round medical service guide by its professional team is available to all clients at any time.

Round-the-Clock Medical Service

  Online counseling, appointment service, expert consultation for complicated diseases and consultant designation if needed will be available 24 hours.